HighRoller® Finland Ltd. is owned by five “young-ish” entrepreneurs who all have backgrounds in sports. We are not a well-oiled business machine but we are learning the craft as we go along. However, we do know a lot about the problems in the human body that most of us experience when our muscles and joints start to hurt due to inactivity or due to daily straining in physical activity. We are also professionals at fixing those problems and at creating products that help in that process. We hope you enjoy using our products and find them useful in being able to maintain an active lifestyle.

The idea of our first product HighRoller® in a nutshell was a combination of chance and laziness. The inventors of HighRoller®, Pekka Vallo and Atte Haataja, actively used traditional foam rollers but they did not really like the exercise positions because they were too difficult and taxing especially after a hard workout. After a couple of brainstorming sessions and an evening in the sauna (yes, some of the best ideas are born in the Finnish sauna) the idea of lifting a foam roller off the ground was born. After this eureka moment, it actually took about a year and a half to two years before the first HighRoller® was sold. Well, actually Pekka and Atte created HighRoller® for their own personal use only. The original idea was never about making HighRoller® a business. However, the very positive feedback they received from people and even from professional athletes confirmed that this product is needed. So you are welcome!

We claim that HighRoller® is the best foam roller on the market today! Not only is HighRoller® effective but it also makes muscle maintenance exercises enjoyable. And one more thing. HighRoller® can and should be used by everyone who want to take care of the only body they will ever have. Just try HighRolling yourself and you will understand.

HighRoller® is a patented product of HighRoller® Finland Ltd.

HighRoller® is a registered trademark of HighRoller® Finland Ltd.